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The Pukekos Room

Welcome to the Pukeko Room. Our room is centered around the development of toddlers growing into young children, thus having them enjoy this short period in their journey of life. We as Pukeko teachers believe that toddlers have just begun their learning journey in life. As teachers we support and encourage them to grow in their journey by nurturing them through this stage of development. There are 5 permanent teachers situated in the room who have brought their personal beliefs and experiences to develop a philosophy of care and learning for your children.

We believe that free play for our children develops their ability to practice making positive decisions, have great imaginations and build relationships with peers. During the day our routine allows for children to interact with the environment around them - both through planned experiences and spontaneous free play. Our children develop strong bonds with teachers and friends. Through these interactions they gain social skills that help them understand social boundaries.

Our environment invites children to explore different curriculum areas where children gain knowledge and through our program planning we further enhance their interests. Our toddlers are busy children who are encouraged to develop age appropriate self help skills within a supportive and caring environment.

We in the Pukeko room support young children to take risks and challenge their physical skills. We believe that toddlers will develop their gross motor skills and control of their bodies through taking risks and exploring the outdoor environment. The teachers in the Pukeko room are all first aid trained. All our teachers have experience in providing a stimulating environment that allows children to grow at their own pace.

Toddlers are curious creatures who require creative solutions and positive reinforcement from constant carers to grow into independent positive learners that are ready for the world. We in the Pukeko Room look forward to getting to know your child and family, and assisting in your child's learning journey.


Centre Gallery

Experienced Teaching Staff

Joshika Kanna (Joyce)

Head Teacher - Pukekos

I am a fully qualified/registered early childhood teacher with a Bachelor of Secondary Education and Graduate Diploma in teaching (ECE). I have been a head teacher at Scribbles since 2013.

I was born in the beautiful islands of Fiji and came to New Zealand in 2010. I am happily married and I am a mother of a beautiful little girl Jessica. I have had a passion for teaching since I was a child. I believe that ECE is a crucial time for growing, forming personalities and cognitive development. As a early childhood educator I found that it is very rewarding watching children grasp a new concept and knowing I was able to be part of their learning journey.

I feel very privileged and proud to be working with such wonderful children and teachers at Scribbles. Looking forward to be part of your learning journey.

  • All the teachers rock! We can't thank you enough for  everything you do for our kids - they all absolutely adore you.
    Jones Family
  • The Scribbles team feel like family to us we always feel welcomed when we come in. If any help is needed please do not hesitate to ask... we are always happy to help if we can. Keep up the great work.
    Smith Family
  • I love all of the lovely staff at Scribbles, they really do feel like a happy family down there. And I love that they make my little girl feel like part of it. She loves it and at the end of the day that's all that matters. Thank you so much for everything.
    Dave Burke
  • My son has been at Scribbles since November 2015 and I am very happy with the service we get. The teachers are very nurturing/caring and that's what I ask for my baby. His career is fantastic, lovely and kind and he just loves seeing her each morning. Nellie runs a great ship and staff seem to be happy in what they do.
    Suzanne Manihera
We invite you to come into Scribbles Early Education Centre and have a look for yourself. See our wonderful environment and speak to the team.