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Fantail Room

Four to five years

We see all children as competent and confident learners who take charge of their learning through play, observation and exploration of the world around them. We believe this important stage of a childs development to be a valuable aspect of their growth as they are discovering who they are and where they fit into the world. In the fantails they will develop essential social skills such as empathy, initiative through responsibility and develop a passion for learning.

We aim to provide support and guidance to each child as they build independence and a sense of identity. We feel this can be accomplished by creating opportunities within specifically designed environments which will both stimulate and challenge their interests, strengths and weaknesses.

Transition to school is an exciting journey for our children, our passionate educators provide both play based and teacher led opportunities to learn numeracy, literacy, science and art through setting up a free play environment, classroom sessions and a dedicated ready for school program.

We recognise that all parents fulfil the most important role as a child’s primary caregiver, so we aim to build respectful, reciprocal relationships with all whanau. We believe in open communication and participation in the child’s holistic development and encourage all parents/whanau participation in their child/children’s learning.

We value individuality and respect each child’s ethnic and cultural background. Each child’s interest, aspirations and needs are understood and respected. Our relationship with all tamariki will be respectful, reciprocal and responsive.

As educators of the Fantail Room, we are committed to uphold the values outlined in the Scribbles Early Education Centre philosophy. We aim to provide the highest quality care and education for all children.


Centre Gallery

  • Being new to Auckland, we were nervous about finding a childcare centre for our son. We could not be more pleased with Scribbles Mount Wellington, it has fantastic facilities and it is so convenient being close to Sylvia Park for last minute shopping. Could not recommend Scribbles more highly.
    Kim Andrew
  • All the teachers rock! We can't thank you enough for  everything you do for our kids - they all absolutely adore you.
    Jack Close
  • The Scribbles team feel like family to us we always feel welcomed when we come in. If any help is needed please do not hesitate to ask... we are always happy to help if we can. Keep up the great work.
    Michelle Bright
  • I love all of the lovely staff at Scribbles, they really do feel like a happy family down there. And I love that they make my little girl feel like part of it. She loves it and at the end of the day that's all that matters. Thank you so much for everything.
    Dave Burke
  • My son has been at Scribbles since November 2015 and I am very happy with the service we get. The teachers are very nurturing/caring and that's what I ask for my baby. His career is fantastic, lovely and kind and he just loves seeing her each morning. Nellie runs a great ship and staff seem to be happy in what they do.
    Suzanne Manihera
We invite you to come into Scribbles Early Education Centre and have a look for yourself. See our wonderful environment and speak to the team.