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Scribbles Childcare Ltd is proud to be using KidReports. KidReports provides an easy and quick way for the teachers to record and share children's activities, with parents in real time through emails and mobile apps.

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Our Philosophy

Teachers are committed to providing a PEACEFUL and calm environment, where children find WONDER and JOY in our settings, which provoke ENTHUSIASM in open ended provocations through free play. Teachers are MINDFUL and RESPECTFUL in their conduct with children, our team, parents and whanau and will be GENEROUS in sharing our time, knowledge and love of learning with all our whanau here at Scribbles. The INTEGRITY of our service is underlined by a code of ethics set out by the Education Council - Our Code, Our Standards - as indicators of best practice. Our curriculum is guided by the learning outcomes of Te Whariki, where teachers observe, assess and extend children’s learning as curious children develop a love of exploring the people, places and things in the world around them.

We will be PATIENT and TRUST in children’s abilities to overcome challenges, take risks and make their own decisions in their learning through child led play. There is much intent placed on TRUST with teachers as well, where children develop responsive and reciprocal relationships with their Kaiako and can depend on the RELIABILITY of their key teacher to understand each child’s individual needs, routines and learning styles. Relationships with parents and whanau are the basis of ongoing partnerships, working together to achieve parent and whanau aspirations for children at the centre, whilst encouraging parents to be active participants in the centre.

As an inclusive centre, we are committed to developing awareness, EMPATHY and understanding, alongside growing skills to support children who have additional needs within a flexible learning environment. Inclusion is also reflected in the cultural diversity of our community, as we welcome children and whanau from all over the world. To protect and encourage participation and celebrate their first languages, cultural values and traditions within the centre. This also underlines our commitment to the principles embedded in the Treaty of Waitangi in protecting our bi-cultural and multicultural community.