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How to Prepare Your Child for Daycare

day care mt wellington

For some families, work and life requirements dictate when the youngest member of the family starts daycare. For others, a parent is at home or has flexible work hours, but childcare becomes appealing for its ability to introduce children to a wide range of environments and activities, as well as other kids and adults. No matter when or why you decide to start, there are things you can do to ease the transition for your little one.

The team at Scribbles Childcare centre in Mt Roskill, Mt Wellington and Onehunga have put together our top tips to prepare your youngster for day care.

Build Independence

Preparing for pre-school is the perfect time to work on building independence with your child. For kids aged 3 and 4, being able to choose their own activity without needing to be directed by an adult is a step in the right direction. If your child isn’t there yet, start encouraging this for short stints each day and gradually increase them.

For babies and infants, independence looks pretty difference. Mobility and non-verbal communication varies a lot at this age, but ability to be left alone for brief moments is a good indicator of a strong sense of self and early independence.

Time Apart

Separation anxiety is a normal phase that many pre-school-aged children go through at one point or another. If your child hasn’t spent much time away from you, it’s a good idea to try leaving them with a close friend or relative a few times before trying it out at day care. Start with short time frames, like an hour or two, and work your way up to a length that you feel comfortable with.

Social Interactions

The benefit of siblings, cousins and programmes in Auckland like Playcentre and Space is that children learns about social interaction at a very young age. Childcare centres are filled with kids – they are fun and exciting, but it can be a shock to the system for a child not used to spending time around others their own age. Try some play dates with other youngsters or join a Mum’s group for regular catch ups with other Mums and bubs.

Keep a Regular Schedule

Having a regular nap and feeding schedule certainly helps with the transition to childcare. Day care centres often follow predictable routines with set times for play and snacks, naps and meals. Kids adapt quickly, so don’t stress if you have no schedule to speak of, but you could try to introduce loose routines to get them prepared.

Do a Day Care Visit

Pop into Scribbles Childcare for a visit with your child. This is a wonderful way for you to see the excellent facilities and warm teachers, and it’s a great slow introduction to the new space for your little one. We have three locations across Auckland –Mt Roskill, Mt Wellington and Onehunga – find the one that is closest to home or fits best with your commute to work.

  • Being new to Auckland, we were nervous about finding a childcare centre for our son. We could not be more pleased with Scribbles Mount Wellington, it has fantastic facilities and it is so convenient being close to Sylvia Park for last minute shopping. Could not recommend Scribbles more highly.
    Kim Andrew
  • All the teachers rock! We can't thank you enough for  everything you do for our kids - they all absolutely adore you.
    Jack Close
  • The Scribbles team feel like family to us we always feel welcomed when we come in. If any help is needed please do not hesitate to ask... we are always happy to help if we can. Keep up the great work.
    Michelle Bright
  • I love all of the lovely staff at Scribbles, they really do feel like a happy family down there. And I love that they make my little girl feel like part of it. She loves it and at the end of the day that's all that matters. Thank you so much for everything.
    Dave Burke
  • My son has been at Scribbles since November 2015 and I am very happy with the service we get. The teachers are very nurturing/caring and that's what I ask for my baby. His career is fantastic, lovely and kind and he just loves seeing her each morning. Nellie runs a great ship and staff seem to be happy in what they do.
    Suzanne Manihera
We invite you to come into our Scribbles Childcare Centres in Auckland and have a look for yourself. See our wonderful early childhood education environment and speak to the team.